What is RRTN? Learn about the organization and what it does.


 Lester Gimplson talks about the opportunities RRTN offers to youth.


 RRTN Interns Make Presentation to Brockton City Council

RRTN Brockton High School Interns: Bolutife Anifowose, Loic Assombo, Tou Herr, Adriel Mingo, Ishtyaq Nazim present to the City Council of the City of Brockton. They talked about the Robert R. Taylor Venture, Taylor Lab, RRTN and the network’s Brockton collaboration. The Result: An Official City of Brockton Endorsement

High school student Michael Turner talks about what he has learned during his time at RRTN.



RRTN editorial advisor talks about how RRTN benefits African-American youth.

Brockton High School Derek Mendes talks about his RRTN experience.

Lecture: Is There a Black Architect in the House?

“If there is any kind of profession that’s gotten away with a kind of benign neglect of diversifying itself over the course of last 30 years, it’s architecture,” says Ted Landsmark. With one chart after another, he plots the dismal record of design schools, firms and professional associations in modifying their singularly white profiles. See the video below.

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