Research and Development


RRTN interns.

Research and development is key to RRTN’s mission.

Our interns, staff, volunteers and advisors have undertaken a number of innovative projects to assist in the operation of the organization and to document the contributions of blacks and other minorities to Architecture, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (ASTEM).  These projects strengthen our global network.

RRTN provides an entrepreneurial learning environment that encourages inventiveness and self-initiative. Staff and interns are tasked with critical assignments with well-defined guidelines but a lot of flexibility.   This produces collaboration and creativity and provides the entire team, particularly the interns, with valuable professional experience.

 Among RRTN’s R&D projects have been the development and implementation of the organization’s three websites, creation of timelines highlighting milestones in black ASTEM history, and the launching of an e-commerce store and a tech development lab.

Visit our other sites and walk through historical timelines, to get detailed information on RRTN R&D.

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