A venture-backed incubator and technology transfer agent which provides access to intellectual property, financing, education, mentors and services in order to start and grow new technology-based businesses managed by black youth and professionals.

Initial projects RRTN is focusing on are:

  • Venture Projects
  • Venture Fund
  • Venture Network
  • Economic Impact Research

City of Brockton

Currently, RRTN is working on various projects in the city of Brockton, MA focused on the economic revitalization of the city. This includes working with the City of Brockton to create up-to-date GIS maps of the city, developing current foreclosed property, and bringing in new businesses centered around technology. RRTN’s collaboration aims to give this Gateway City just as strong a foothold in the beginning of this century as it had in the last.

Moreover, RRTN is implementing the Summer Transportation Institute (STI), to increase interest among high school students in the fields of Architecture, Science, Technnology, Engineering and Mathematics (ASTEM). STI allows students to work on real-world problems in Brockton, specifically how to improve transportation infrastructure and how it affects the regional economy, local culture and future growth.

Taylor Labs

Taylor Labs are professional, educational, advanced IT based research labs primarily focused on helping youth to develop innovative and inventive businesses, products, and services. Constructed with the infrastructure of a flexible digital studio space, Taylor Labs will support youth participation in advanced research lab experiments and product pilots. Taylor Labs will also nurture youth creativity, and fund youth started state-of-the-art technology-based business enterprises.

Like Node sites, RRTN’s preliminary regional focus for Taylor Labs is in Africa, the Caribbean and the US. In these three regions, RRTN has selected 3 higher institutions of technology to host Taylor Labs as well as to be Regional Hubs for RRTN’s node network. RRTN envisions Taylor Labs as the definitive locations that youth from around the world will compete to attend in order to participate in the creation of futuristic, state-of-the-art, technology based innovations and inventions.


The Global Establishment for Medical Advancement (GEMA) is a United States based organization that brings cognizance and solutions to the crises that are crippling the healthcare system in Africa. Based on a three-month study of the healthcare systems of ten countries on the continent, our conclusive results show that the three main areas of concern are: access to up-to-date technology, trained and competent medical personnel, and lack of educational opportunities in the medical field. GEMA seeks to implement innovative solutions to break down these barriers and improve the healthcare system in Africa.

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