Highlighted below are a few of our key partners and affiliates:

  • Cape Verde Wind, LLC: Cape Verde Wind, LLC (“CVW”) focuses on renewable energy solutions. RRTN and Cape Verde Wind form CV Holdings to take advantage of the innumerable opportunities for development in the Cape Verde Islands in industries including international telecommunications, financial services, transportation, information technology, and entertainment. CV Holdings currently emphasizes the large Wind4Water initiative being pushed in the Cape Verde Islands which connects wind turbines directly to desalination plants to meet the fresh water needs of the islands. This collaboration brings engineering, architectural, renewable energy, community development, and technology expertise to capitalize on the projects and needs found in Cape Verde.
  • The Franklin Institute: In coordination with The Franklin Institute Museum (TFI)in Philadelphia, RRTN is transposing it’s internationally acclaimed 9000 sq-ft exhibit, ADIAS: A Scientific Awakening featured at Dakar, Senegal to the 3000 sq-ft columnar space of the Pendulum Staircase. June 14, 2014 will be the premiere of this monumental, multimedia, interactive exposition in which museum-goers travel through time to experience first-hand the contributions of black and minorities to the advancement of architecture science, technology, engineering, and math.
  • IBM: At the fundamental heart of RRTN’s Innovation Platform beats IBM hardware and software technology. Oriented around the virtual office, SaaS offering, IBM SmartCloud (formerly LotusLive), RRTN’s global, federated platform for launching and sustaining new ventures and growing small businesses leverages numerous IBM solutions such as Lotus Foundations to deliver our various product and service offerings included in our XStudio Node Network locations. These integrations can be seen at every level in the RRTN Innovation Platform from Thanks to RRTN innovation and development, these IBM solutions reach further and last longer than imagined, providing access to the computing power and technology necessary in underdeveloped areas in Africa, the Caribbean, and the United States.
  • DYMO Cardscan: At it’s very core, the Robert R. Taylor Network is a network – an expansive global network of professionals, entrepreneurs, partners, and youth. Maintaining a database of over 2000 connections is possible thanks to products such as CardScan from DYMO. Integrating their CRM database management software with our numerous other programs and services such as SmartCloud allows for our pervasive network to be synchronized across our entire global node network, to be leveraged by students and professionals in creating and developing businesses and communities.
  • Color Circle Art Publishing, Inc: RRTN and ColorCircle Art Publishing are collaborating to bring the original art works of the world famous black artist, Paul Goodnight, to the world in the form of accessible online and offline galleries through which anyone can purchase limited edition prints or even original works from this noteworthy artist. Additionally, Paul Goodnight and RRTN are working to create the foundational pieces of two commissioned artwork series celebrating the life and legacy of Robert Robinson Taylor and the Intersection of Art and Science in our ADIAS initiative.
  • The Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists and RRTN are collaborating around the exposure of black art and especially art of black scientists and contributors to the public. The MNCAAA is expanding and will be hosting various galleries featuring the artworks contained in RRTN’s collections and archives and even hosting portions of the world famous ADIAS: A Scientific Awakening Exposition. In coordination with RRTN’s various partners and affiliates, such as the Arch Professional Group, Inc, the original MNCAAA historical building at 300 Walnut Ave will be renovated and brought back to code as a landmark of Black contribution to fine art.
  • Three Rivers Wreath Company: Together, under the principles of the RRTN “Business of Gratitude” Initiative, Three Rivers Wreath Company Inc. and RRTN promote the importance of gratitude in the corporate and small business world via the gifting of wholesome, high quality, fragrant balsam holiday wreaths. One must give first, in order to receive, and what better way to express gratitude than with a gift which leaves a lasting impression.
  • The Fuller Craft Museum features materials, techniques, and artistic expression by way of exhibitions, education, outreach, and collaboration. RRTN channels this vision into its XStudio program for our youth participants to learn more about the Business of Art and the administration of galleries and museums. The Fuller Craft Museum, in turn, hosts the ADIAS: A Scientific Awakening Exposition as a demonstration of experiencing craft through innovative multimedia, interactive channels as a first person participant rather than a third person critic.
  • A Plus Computers: A Plus computer services provides the technological backbone for the Robert R. Taylor Network, its XStudios, and its Node sites in the Boston area. Together, A Plus Computers and RRTN maintain a presence on the bleeding edge of modern multimedia. A Plus Computers facilitates a philanthropic ecosystem, by keeping donated devices working longer, and better. They also provide consulting to RRTN and its partners, thereby maintaining a towering standard of technological competence.

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