RRTN is a network of global partners and locations linked by virtual social and professional communities and a central technology platform of e-services. These e-services will support research, archiving, meeting, collaborating, education, training, and delivering content and programs centered around cultural history, math, science, and professional development. Our goal is to link a cultural community in architecture, science, technology, engineering, and math (ASTEM) together in order to foster economic opportunity and self-empowerment. RRTN’s Network is comprised of four (4) key components:

  • Node Sites
  • Online Communities
  • Partners
  • Technology Platform

Node Sites

Using a “Visa-like” business model, RRTN creates node sites around the world that will function as an economic marketplace and nexus of innovation and invention. Both youth and professionals will be able to interact at these sites. These node sites can be located at universities, schools, camps, libraries, corporations, community centers, and in personal homes. Our initial regional foci are Africa, the Caribbean, and the US. We have plans to expand into Europe and Asia.

We are piloting node sites and Taylor Labs at Cambridge, Hampton University, Tuskegee University, Ghana Telecom University College, NIHERST/ University of Trinidad and Tobago, City of Brockton, Brockton Public High School, Hope Valley Experimental School, and Ron Burton Training Village.

Fill-out a request form and apply for a site to become an official RRTN Node Site!

Find Current Node Site Locations

Online Communities

RRTN’s goal is to reach people where they are as well as to leverage and introduce modern forms of social and professional networking tools to disenfranchised communities. RRTN seeks to create a two-way exchange between our community and the larger ASTEM community globally. Because of that, we have a presence on the following community websites where people can link and connect with us: Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, MySpace,, … view the larger list.


RRTN has over 80 global business partners ranging from professional associations, commerce, content, design, educational, product development, technology, and training to help us execute our vision and mission. We partner with a select group of industry leaders, paradigm shifters, and minority-owned businesses to execute our vision and day-to-day operations in a professional and cost effective manner.

Technology Platform

RRTN’s open source technology strategy and roadmap is a unique solution tailored at integrating both commercial and customized academic research technologies developed. Information technology (IT) is the important core to our operations. Our platform is meant to support the needs of a unique community of users, researchers, partners, and businesses. Our goal is to reuse as much as possible, keep it open, flexible and seamless.

RRTN has partnered with IBM and others to build out it’s nodal network and software platform and collaborate with a growing network of partners via LotusLive – IBM’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for online collaboration.

RRTN is pioneering the integration of various technologies and cloud based services to create the ADIAS Technology Platform. Technologies we currently use internally and on our platform are Cardscan, Drupal, DSpace, Metamedia, LotusLive, SIMILIE, WordPress, and more.

The RRTN is a globally connected, federated network of node sites, business partners, and online communities utilizing a unique cloud based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology platform to research, archive, share, collaborate, and deliver content and programs germane to RRTN.

Donate Your Old Computers!

We’re looking for old recycled computers (desktop or laptops) to be clients for our online education platform. The computers you donate will be sent to node sites. There are only two requirements we ask for: 1. the hardware is functional 2. there is an Ethernet port

To contact us, email

Our shipping address is:
238 Main Street
Cambridge MA, 02139

Thanks for your help!

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