By providing youth with strong role-models and an intensive Robert R. Taylor Network experience, we help create future leaders in architecture, science, technology, engineering and math (ASTEM) and business. RRTN takes individuals with raw potential and ideas and helps to mold them into leaders. We give them the tools and the connections to move into the world and innovate.

When we look at the highest circles of academia and business, we still find a small number of black and minority individuals. These demographics do not reflect lesser intelligence or capacity, but they reveal individuals who have had significantly different role models and markedly different access to opportunities. The average student would probably not be able to list five black innovators or inventors, but could easily recall the accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin or Alexander Graham Bell.

RRTN aims to make the achievers in black history more engaging and available to the upcoming generation. We salute the stunning, acknowledged accomplishments of minority athletes and musicians, but we realize that there needs to be more exposure of alternate role models.

RRTN is an advocacy and research think-tank, a society of leaders and a distributed nodal network of institutions incorporated to enhance the ASTEM teaching and learning environment for black youth and professionals of color.

As leaders in science and technology, with a drive to create grand new things that didn’t exist before, we must challenge ourselves to push the envelope of our human potential.”
–Charles Bolden