The RRTN Institute is the third of five programmatic areas in RRTN’s LAIV Network. The Institute concentrates on developing and executing online and offline pre-professional research and development educational experiences. These experiences engage youth and professionals in the end-to-end process of innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship, in the fields of architecture, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics(ASTEM).

The Institute’s programs are characterized by Robert R. Taylor’s “learn by doing” philosophy. The current portfolio of programs include:

  • XStudio – summer and academic year internship program, which brings together college and high school interns to work on ASTEM related research projects in a professional setting
  • Taylor Labs – a node site that comprises of a hardware and software bundles that is located at a College
  • Open Course Exchange(OCX) – OCX is the web-based publication of educational course content.  The RRTN Open Course Exchange is a marketplace of educational curriculum.  Students, teachers, and professionals can create, upload, and share courses.  Open Course Ware is distributed for free
  • Projects – RRTN and its node partners are working on various projects such as the 365 Calender Mobile Quiz that employ available technologies to create products and services for the node sites and the public in general
  • Technologies – Through partnerships with technology businesses, RRTN has identified technologies for use by RRTN node sites
  • Interns, Advisors, & Instructors – High school interns work alongside college interns, and professionals with input from advisors and instructors
  • Go LAIV – a rapid deployment session that RRTN runs with students so that they can complete a project in science and technology to build something tangible
  • Studio LAIV – the team of students working at a node site
  • Project LAIV – Projects that the node sites work on.  These are ASTEM based, professional development and entrepreneurial in nature at the end of which the students have to produce a deliverable that solves a real-world problem.  These deliverables can be presented on-line or they can be delivered at the node site

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