Mae Jemison

NASA Astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison

LAIVN is the acronym for Leadership, Archive, Institute, Ventures and Network, the programmatic headings under which RRTN develops its projects. To learn more about each program, select the link below:

RRTN’s Five Programs


By providing youth with strong role-models and an intensive Robert R. Taylor Network experience, we help create future leaders in … Read More


The RRTN archive is the definitive source on black and minority achievement across the world and deep into history. RRTN collaborates with researchers, collectors, and innovators in universities and corporations to … Read More


The RRTN Institute is the third of five programmatic areas in RRTN’s LAIV Network. The Institute concentrates on developing … Read More


A venture-backed incubator and technology transfer agent which provides access to intellectual property, financing, education, mentors and … Read More


RRTN is a network of global partners and locations linked by virtual social and professional communities and a central technology platform of e-services. These e-services will support … Read More

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