Nahid Kamal

Nahid Kamal is a 2011 XStudio intern at RRTN from Medford High School in Medford, MA. He is taking honors and advanced placement classes ranging from AP Psychology to Honors Calculus. He plans on pursuing a dual J.D./M.B.A. degree and  aspires to have a career in Investment Banking.

At RRTN, Nahid is supporting the CEO behind the scenes with financial operations and resource development. This includes producing reports to the Board of Directors, analyzing financial data, and tracking and identifying sources of revenue. This experience will allow him to develop and cultivate his skill sets in math and marketing. He is interested in assisting RRTN in developing a strategy for  a venture network/ venture fund, as well as, teaching students about financial literacy through an investment club model.

He enjoys several hobbies ranging from breakdancing to stock trading to even cinematography. At Medford High, he is a cofounder of a breakdancing club, Bboy Club, where he teaches approximately 15 – 35 students to express themselves through dance.


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