Primary Initiatives

Taylor Legacy of Indelible Impact

The Taylor Legacy comprises of all elements honoring and celebrating Robert R. Taylor’s accomplishments and achievements. The keystone project within this domain is the 125th Celebration of Robert R. Taylor’s graduation from MIT after which he famously constructed the Tuskegee Campus with the help of only recently freed teenage slaves. The Legacy initiative aims to help raise young people of color into a realm of possibilities for indelible impact, as Taylor had done, thus much of this initiative orients itself around celebrating, recognizing, and financially supporting causes which further the economic and human impact of black and minority youth.

The ultimate goal of the Robert R. Taylor Network is to cultivate youth into professionals of economic impact in their communities and around the world. The experiences, connections, tools, and opportunities RRTN provides its participants catalyzes and empowers youth to adopt entrepreneurial principles and approaches to create real-world solutions that deliver lasting economic impact. Leveraging the Virtual CDC wrapped around the ADIAS/Innovation Platform RRTN provides streams of funding and guidance for numerous new ventures to be spun out into communities in need spreading wealth and spurring development.  We create wealthy people who create wealthy communities.

Innovation Generation

The Innovation Generation refers to the revolutionized wave of young people who will emerge to disrupt the status quo of the world. The Robert R. Taylor Network offerings, when combined, transform the cultural influences on an individual into atmosphere of entrepreneurship, innovation, and high impact performance and delivery. The XStudio program in combination with the vast, thorough network of professionals, mentors, and businesses through which every participant launches a business, technology, or service unique to themselves creates individuals who do not aim to consume, but create in terms of wealth, invention, science, and economics.

Diversity 3.0: The Digital Railroad & Digital Quilt

Diversity 3.0 refers to the latest iteration of diversity development approaches in society. RRTN’s Diversity 3.0 initiative aims to provide, by way of our numerous service and product offerings to underprivileged black and minority youth, to provide a digital railroad to the executive suite for today’s generation. Weaving the various influences of culture from producers, businesses, consumers, and innovators results into a digital quilt informs future product and service development, resulting in an offering that originates from and appeals to an audience as diverse as its creators.

Business Science of …

The Robert R. Taylor Network drives a series of initiatives involving the Business Sciences of industries with the potential for great innovation: Gratitude, Art, Fashion, Sports, Movie Making, Space, Speed, Gaming, and Transportation. All of these areas can be revolutionized with a hybrid business-science approach of analysis, experimentation, and delivery-oriented principles. These approaches allow for opportunities of development and innovation by both our business partners and XStudio participants in the Robert R. Taylor spirit of learn-by-doing.

Intersection of Art and Science

Together with Hampton University Museum, RRTN launched a collaborative project to find ways of the documenting and promoting the intersection of art and science in black culture. RRTN has been contributor to an issue of the Hampton Museum’s International Review of African American Art Journal. Our goal is to produce a series of educational curriculum to be used in high schools, elementary schools and colleges for teaching black cultural history in art. We also seek to create new curriculum and introduce new artists and scientists who use both disciplines in their work – artist as scientist and scientist as artists. We have a baseline of black inventors and scientists. We are collaborating with Hampton University Museum, the National Museum Center for Afro-American Artists, The Fuller Craft Museum, Color Circle Publishing, Paul Goodnight, the artists showcased at the Senegal Black Arts and Culture Festival, and others. As part of promoting and selling black artists work, we intend to teach and mentor established and up and coming artists on “The Business Science of Art”

Being of Service

Of great import to the Robert R. Taylor Network, and very much in line with our Business Science of Gratitude principles, is the creation of individuals with a sense of service. One must give in order to receive. With great ability to enact change and produce results comes a responsibility, if not a duty, to apply such power in the service of those less fortunate, more deserving, or otherwise in need of advocates and allies both in local communities and around the globe.

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