Tristen Graves

Tristen Graves serves as contributing writer of the Robert R. Taylor Network, Inc.; responsible for providing content throughout multiple outlets within the organization, including the digital newsroom, websites and wiki pages.

As contributing writer for RRTN, Graves works to increase the exposure of the achievements of minorities in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and architecture (STEM) and helps to promote the legacy of Robert R. Taylor. As RRTN leverages technology to advocate this information, Graves’ contribution to the network provides feature stories on prominent figures within the STEM fields which are shared on the site, and included in LAIV Profiles, an emailed publication sent to supporters and leaders of various organizations. She also works to supply a monthly resource of current news articles surrounding minorities in STEM through the network’s LAIV Wire, an electronicpublication sent to all constituents of the network. In addition, Graves helps to update the network’s multiple sites, by providing historical research and promoting the work being done throughout the network. Most recently, Graves serves as a key contributor to the current project, the Digital Archive on Blacks in Architecture, which is being sponsored by the Graham Foundation. She currently works with the network remotely from her hometown near Richmond, Virginia.

Graves joined RRTN in July 2009 after receiving a recommendation to the network from her professor, Wayne Dawkins, of Hampton University; where she earned her Bachelors of Arts degree from Hampton’s Scripps Howard School of Journalism in May 2009. Prior to joining RRTN, Graves worked as an editorial intern for the Hampton Roads Magazine in Virginia Beach, Virginia and wrote for the campus newspaper, the Hampton Script.

In addition to contributing to RRTN, Graves works as a retail specialist for the International Concepts brand (I.N.C) at Macys, serves as editor of the MT. Hope Baptist Church Newsletter and designs promotional flyers for local businesses and events. Graves’s career goals and aspirations include serving as a leader and or director in the publication sector within a growing organization that uses all possible to resources to effectively promote and advocate its message.

Graves’ RRTN Portfolio:


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Designing on a Futuristic Level

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Preserving Diverse Community at MIT

The Power of Physics: In the Classroom and Abroad

“I go to play daily; its not work to me,”

Solar Energy and Mentoring Young People Power MIT Professor Paula Hammond’s Work

Fighter pilot, astronaut, grandfather, and now NASA Head

“Jim” Gates: From MIT to presidential science advisor

LAIV Wire Archive:

LAIV Wire Volume 3.0 Issue 1.0

LAIV Wire Volume 3.0 Issue 2.0

LAIV Wire Volume 3.0 Issue 3.0

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